Movies To Fly By! Or, The Best Films About Flying And Travel


Hello my little frequent flyers…. (cough) and the rest of you.

Obviously, I love flying and traveling, and here are my favorite movies to watch before any trip (in no specific order)



Yes yes and yes.  Whenever I go on to other blogs and websites to find some new good travel movies THIS MOVIE IS NEVER ON THE LIST???? WHY? This movie… sure… isn’t the funniest Ive ever seen, nor is it the most action packed, but look. Its got a lot of heart.  Its a great and cute and fun film about Donna trying to become a stewardess on an international route of a good airline.  Before you bash it, watch it at least one time! 




See look! I do know a good travel movie.  Its everything travel should be!  Long, annoying, tiresome, yet adventurous, and exciting!  Never has a journey from New York to Chicago been longer.  But he meets a great new friend along the way and learns a thing or two about himself.  Plus its everything all in one!  Its a great movie about flying, its a road-trip-buddy-film, and a holiday movie all compressed into this amazing film! 

I laughed because I saw on Wikipedia that someone actually mapped out their journey, I love fans who get really into movies and so stuff like that!  Heres the picture:





This is ANOTHER one of my travel favorites that again has seemed to go unnoticed by the common man.  Last Holiday is everything a travel film should be. Traveling to far off places, living your dreams, meeting crazy people, FOOD, and growing as a person. 

So why is it that nobody has seen it?  C’mon people! Give it a chance! You’ll love it! 


4.) RED EYE 


Why do I watch this before I fly? I mean honestly, this can’t be a good film to watch before you travel.  This is one of those movies you really shouldn’t watch before you fly.  Psychologically speaking, it can’t be good for you.  But hey, its fun.  Its suspenseful, its got action, and it take place in a plane. So sue me


Ah, Rachel McAdems in her airport best.  People don’t dress you like these days Rachel, now airports are filled with sweatpants and hoodies and flip-flops.  




Ah yes. now this is the WORST FILM TO WATCH before you fly.  And do you remember that Qantas flight from Singapore?  Im thinking Death was out for those people.  OK OK OK, let me explain why I love this movie. 

So let me set the stage for you. Its 2004.  Me and my family are about to take our last family vacation together (Why don’t we vacation together anymore?  Well were worse than the Griswold’s when we travel) 

So its 3am. My mom wakes me up early because we have to drive to Detroit to catch out flight to Vegas that leaves at 6am.  I go downstairs to eat breakfast and turn on the TV and what do I see? 

Oh yes.  Ive managed to turn on the TV at that exact moment.  IT WAS EVEN ON THAT CHANNEL ALREADY! 

So, I’m scared shitless and the entire way to the airport the only image I can think of is this:


But hey we landed safely (Amazingly too because we flew Spirit) 




Greatest airport scene ever.  


And has anyone else noticed that Catharine O’Hara takes her own little Planes Trains and Automobile trip with John Candy in this movie? 


This is another one of those all-rounder films! I love it.  Travel by air, travel by land, some adventure, some mischief, and the holidays.  uuugghhhh…… why can’t life be more like holiday travel films? 


7.) UP IN THE AIR (Ugh…. Im on the fence with this one) 


So this probably would have been one of the ultimate flying movies of all time.  Its a great movie and a great cast and it really is heavily focused on air travel.. but in the end when Vera Flemming turns out to be a total cunt I hated the movie.  It literally ruined the entire movie for me.  

Again it was EVERYTHING travel should be.  an oddball team of three friends forms.  They travel, you think their lives are getting better…but then bam…  it all ends. So, my advice great movie.  But stop the movie 10 minutes before it ends and you’ll be a much happier person for it! 


Ok so there you have it! My little list, i hope y’all enjoy and start watching some good movies!  

Know any other good ones?  Tell me in the comments! Id love to hear! 


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